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A Nation that Hankers for Honest and Open-minded People

About the author: Arabieu Bah is an undergraduate student at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) reading economics. He writes for Employ Liberia on array of issues relevant to the nation’s dialogue.

As the brawl for a better nation tops our daily activities, straightforwardness is needed on how we crosscut ideas and postulate on making the motherland an abode of prosperity. Liberia becoming a good nation requires everyone’s efforts. We can make it if we stand for what is right and become people of integrity.

Today, many of us are not truthful to ourselves; we lie to our conscience and think we can initiate change that can make our nation progressive. A progressive Liberia needs judicious people who will make and adopt honest and well-quantified policies that have the tendency to alleviate poverty and make the citizens’ lives better. The time is long overdue for a real change to be seen in the first independent country of Africa. We have seen and felt trials and tribulations [Civil War], but we keep deceiving ourselves and the posterity.

The past generations failed us, and we too are gradually failing the generations unborn by engaging in corruption, lies, and sycophancy. Young people have become so sycophantic to a point that they don’t want to stand scant challenges of life. All they do is to sing the praises of evil and corrupt public servants who are impeding Liberia’s growth.
We export our natural resources and don’t think of producing in our country, so it too can become an industrial nation. Nations like Japan and Turkey, proportionately, don’t have natural resources more than we do, but because these governments manage theirs for the well-being of their nations and peoples, they are thriving.

They [posterity] will question us for not utilizing our natural resources effectively and efficiently. If we don’t want to be questioned by them, we must do what is ought to be done now. Planning for them will be the best thing we can do, i.e. investing in their education, health, and social well-being. The number of children selling in the streets instead of being in school is on the increase. Their better education means a brighter and mightier Liberia’s future. A brighter and mightier Liberia’s future will earn us huge praises for the sacrifices we make today.

Thinking anew, we can reach our full potential and become innovative like other nations. Fresh perspective leads to novel inventions that can shape a nation’s future. Those nations that are building computers, new technologies, and smart cities are not using magic or asking their religious leaders to pray for their nations; those nations’ citizens are thinking fresh and employing the requisite skills and resources needed that’s why they triumph. We too can do the same!

A novel thinking people abandon nostalgic practices and ways of doing things. They embrace the new ideas and sanctify their politics by removing tribal, religious and racial sentiments. Open-minded, they accept one another and establish harmony amongst themselves. We, too, need to become an open-minded nation. Let’s adhere to acceptable social norms, live with integrity, honesty and a profound vision for Liberia.

Today, we blame our forebears that after 171 years there is nothing the nation can show for its age. What we have not done is challenged ourselves on what will we pass on to the next generation. Liberia is still not ready for the challenges of the world today. Not only do we lag behind many decades; we are lagging far behind in meeting the challenges of the future. As a people and a nation, we have a long way to go. Yet, we do not seem to be looking ahead; we seem to be looking back. We do not seem to be moving forward; we seem to be retrogressing.
The sooner we get our priorities right on education, health, and social well-being, the sooner our nation will embark on the path of sustainable development. Right now, we look a selfish, greedy bunch concerned with what we can have versus what we can offer our nation and the future generations.


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