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Employ Liberia aims to broaden opportunities for jobs for qualified Liberians, avail training opportunities for young people with the urge to qualify themselves for challenges in today’s job market and to embolden the ambitious ones to take the next bold steps in taking their career to the next level.  We focus mainly on youth as Liberia’s population is largely made up of young people with an average age of 18 years. This is a huge pool of labor but sadly  many have qualifications but no job opportunities or  agility with no skill sets.

Employ Liberia endeavors to to assist young people, women and other marginalized achieved their rising aspiration and encouraged their meaningful participation in society. Employ Liberia provides a steady stream of information on opportunities to young people in legitimate need of empowerment and advancement.

Employ Liberia considers youth unemployment as a huge national security issue. Employ Liberia provides career path development, career counseling, and advisory to employers on staffing, and the development of a national labor data. Employ Liberia assists in steering young people into career paths needed most for the development of Liberia; leading to rise in employment and increase of incomes for families.

Employ Liberia social entrepreneurial programs provide young people, students and young professional the leeway to advance themselves and become active and productive members of their communities.


Our vision is to contribute to Liberia’s development by aiding young people get empowerment through the amazing use of technologies, digital learning, formal and informal education which will lead to upward mobility and transformation of the future of Liberia.

Our mission is to take a leaway in discovering and developing Liberia’s next generation of skilled labor force; encouraging a better jobs, better wages and better society; seeking to align talents and skills with jobs and careers to  today’s national development challenges and to bring opportunities of jobs and training to young people through networking with local authorities, international organizations and training institutions both in Liberia and around Africa and the world.


Employment Opportunity, Training, Career Path Development

We tend to create a one-stop, job search engine on which young people in the country can rely in search for jobs and employment opportunities. our site will pool information on job and training from government and private institutions around the country and make that available. We will network with universities, colleges and other skill training institutions around the country to help young people choose career paths that will make them productive in contributing to areas where human resources are both lagging and required to develop the country.