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AL QASIMIA UNIVERSITY UAE Offers Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships



The vision of Al Qasimia University (AQU) is to become a renowned institution of higher education and research, guided in all that it undertakes by the foundations, principles and teachings of Islam as a tolerant religion open to the entire world. It further seeks to promote dialogue among religions and cultures as well as the advancement of science, literature and the arts in all societies.


Al Qasimia University endeavors to achieve excellence in the field of academics and to attract students and researchers from around the world. The university seeks to equip its students with science, knowledge and the best practices of Islam as a way of life throughout history. It further endeavors to develop its academic and research programs on a continuous basis in order to keep pace with the continuous and infinite realm of new knowledge, while maintaining sound Islamic values. It also seeks to raise the profile of the AQU community through encouraging professors, researchers and students alike to practice intellectual innovation and constructive critical analysis and to promote the humanistic values advocated by all religions in order to achieve as much accord as possible among all peoples of the world.

The scholarship is being offered in: Islamic Studies, Islamic law, Arabic language abd Literature, Islamic civilization and history, Communication and Economics

Al Qasimia University
Admissions and Registration Department
Telephone: +971 (0)6 518 1111 – Fax: +971 (0)6 518 1222
P.O. Box: 63000 – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Email: ARD@alqasimia.ac.ae Web Site: www.alqasimia.ac.ae
Application for Admission to Bachelor Programs
تقديم الطلب الإلكتروني يكون لمرة واحدة فقط، لذا يرجى إدخال جميع البيانات بشكل كامل وصحيح حيث لن يكون باستطاعتك القيام بالتعديل على الطلب أو التقديم مرة أخرى. علماً أنه سيتم تجاهل أي طلب مكرر أو يحتوي على بيانات خاطئة، لذا يرجى تحري الدقة في تعبئة البيانات.
This application can be submitted only once, please make sure to fill All the information correctly and accurately.
After submission you will not be able to make any change or apply again.
All duplicate entries or applications with incorrect information will be ignored.
Starting semester
Academic Year      
Personal Data


Passport No

Place of Issue

Passport Expire Date
Date of Birth
Place of Birth


Gender         Religion       
Marital Status    Skype Account   
Student Address


P.O. Box


Additional Email Address

Student ‘s Mobile

Home Phone

Parent’s / Guardian’s Mobile

The nearest airport to your residence (must be written in English):
Airport Name


Family’s information
Guardian’s Name


Mother’s Name


Education Background
Indicate type of secondary certificate you hold
Average %

School Name



Language of Study

Language proficiency

Level of Arabic language

Graduation Year
Do you have IELTS\TOEFL     
In order to provide any necessary assistance please clarify the following
Do you have any special needs (e.g. physical or learning disability)
Please fill at least three majors, and the priority in admission will be to the first major if conditions are met and seats are available.
Please make sure to attach all required documents
High School Certificate.     
Original transcripts of last three years of high school (10th, 11th, 12th).
* Original letter form Ministry of Education (in the student’s country) stating that the student’s school, or institution is officially recognized and accredited and its graduates can be admitted in any governmental university in the student’s country.
* All required certificates must be attested by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country issued such certificates as well as the UAE embassy in the country concerned. In case there was no embassy for the UAE in the country, the certificates are to be attested by one of the Arab embassies operating in this country.
* Each certificate must be translated into Arabic or English languages and the translated copy must be enclosed/attached to its original and stamped together.
10th:   11th:   12th:   
TOEFL Certificate (IBT61 , CBT173 or PBT500 ) or IELTS certificate (5.0) is required for those applying for the College of Economics & Management.     
Toefl Certificate (IBT45 , CBT133 or PBT450) or IELTS certificate (4.5) is required for those applying for the College of Mass Communication.     
A copy of valid passport for at least six months.     
Recent photo (white background)     
Letter of good behavior translated to Arabic or English and attested.     
Birth certificate in Arabic or English language (translated and attested).     
Health clearance certificate issued by a public hospital (stating that the applicant is free from any dangerous diseases).     
Please download forms by clicking on the icon then click “choose file” to attach the file after filling it.
وثيقة تعارف لجميع الطلبة من الخارج     
نموذج موافقة إدارية للطلبة غير المقيمين في دولة الإمارات     
نموذج تذكرة سفر     




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