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Deputy MFDP Minister for Fiscal Affairs Launches CEIO’s Membership Funds Drive


By: Arabieu Bah

Deputy Finance and Development Minister MFDP – Hon. Samora P.Z Wolokolie has launched the membership funds drive for the much talk about Center for Exchange of Intellectual Opinions (CEIO). CEIO is one of the most revered intellectual centers in Liberia with sophisticated intellectuals.

Launching the membership, Hon. Wolokolie pledged the amount of one hundred thousand (100,000 LRD) Liberian dollars to purchase his membership for him and others. He noted that the pledge is as judicious as the promises of “The Country Giant” His Excellency George M. Weah. “Is like when he (President Weah) says we will build roads”, Hon. Samora emphasized.

He further emphasized his commitment to fulfilling the pledge because people have always doubted the promises of the pro poor government of President Weah. He said when he made pronouncement about free tuition at university and all community colleges around the country, critics said that it was a mere pretend. “But it came to past” he expressed.

Speaking further, the fiscal policy guru, Hon. Samora said due to this government’s intent to lift the ordinary people out of poverty through sustainable education, it is bent on paying WASSCE fee for students who are writing the exam. He said this scheme will ease the burden of parents, “This initiative is meant to reduce parents’ financial load”.

Adding to that, he whispered the “Change for Hope” is momentous. The pro poor government has been able to formulate a developmental agenda in six months, something which took the past administration three years to do. “The people’s government is moving at a breakneck speed” he revealed.

He cautioned that those calling for and organizing protests want to wander the government from its right trajectory. They failed to fathom that they are dealing with men, “we are revolutionaries”. 

He revealed that the government has been confronted by series of challenges but it remains focus on rising to the occasion and making the Liberian people’s lives better for that was the reason the people trusted them with leadership.

The well learned economist, Hon. Wolokolie, noted that government has adopted series of austere measures to stabilize the exchange rate and that the rate will be stable in the soonest possible time.



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