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First Lady Condemns Rape

Clar Weah
  • Consoles Families of little Vivian Wright

First Lady Marie Clar Weah has categorically condemned rape, describing it a cruel and unacceptable act which women and girls unfortunately still endure in the hands of wicked people. The first lady condemnation was triggered by the incessant rape cases in the country.

The country has been inundated with plethora of rape acts committed by unscrupulous people; leading to the death of a young girl; Vivian Wright.

Madam Weah consoled families of the late Vivian Wright over their daughter’s reported gruesome rape and murder with assurance that that the perpetrators will face the full weight of the law.

Vivian Wright, a 15 year old student, was allegedly raped and murdered mid December 2018 while hanging out with a group of friends at a local entertainment center in Gardnerville.

The Liberian First Lady’s condolences were conveyed by her Chief of office Staff, Madam Gaelle Medeim, over the weekend at Vivian’s burial.

Madam Mediem said the First Lady was deeply concerned about the outrageous pace of rape in the country, stressing “It must stop now”.

A release quotes the Madam Mediem as saying that the First Lady’s Office has been in touch with the families since the First Lady became aware of the incident.

Speaking on behalf of the bereaved families, the mother of the deceased, Miss Camille Moore, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Frist Lady for identifying with them during their bereavement.

Miss Moore said her family was glad that the First Lady, through her office, underwrote the cost of the burial and also took time out to listen to their concerns for justice, with assurance to do her part.

According to Mrs. Moore, the First Lady’s intervention was timely and demonstrated that she is the true mother of the nation.

Police have charged and sent to court, a year old steel bender, Saah Joseph in connection to the crime.


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