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How One Lady Lingering Search for Job Leads Her to Set-up Her Own Start-up Business 


Dempster N. Harris & Hawa P. Dorley

Neresa S. K Gbozee – Saysay is a tall charming young lady with a bellowing smile coupled with a “Kpelle traits” of respectfulness, cheerfulness, honesty and a disdain for quitting tells what a real deal she is.  But all of these unique qualities could not land her a job after graduation from University. But Mrs. Saysay is not one to recline on the despair train and grumble. In fact, she turned her despair into opportunity by starting her own start-up styled Jore Devine Care or in short (JoDeCa).

JoDeCa is a business that recruits idled youth and train them with lifelong skills in the provision of professional domestic service. JoDeCae trains young people to do proper child care, housekeeping, commercial cleaning, elder care and professional culinary arts.  They also provide drivers for people visiting and travelling out of Liberia.

Mrs. Saysay said she conceived the business idea since 2012 and have had few contracts, which were not sustainable but with the grant from Mercycorps, JoDeCa has ramped up its activities.

“Quite recently, after we received the first installment of grant from Mercycorps, we scaled up our operation”, she revealed.

“We actually started full operation this gone September with the help of Mercycorps’ grant, we have our office space, and we have three office staff. We have been able to train our first batch of workers”.

She revealed that twenty (20) young people were trained in the various scopes of JoDeCA operations and ready for placement when the opportunities arise.

She is calling on people in need of proper child care, housekeeping, commercial cleaning, elder care and wanting to become professional chef and drivers to contract her service to experience the professional service of JoDeCa  for  reasonable fees.

“Our staffs are trained and we are in need of contract. This is Liberian-owned business and it is my hope it will be prioritized by Liberians but not only that, we are willing to provide top notch services to our clients”, she said.

She heaped praises on Mercycorps for the grant. “Mercycorps made my dream come to reality and for this, I am deeply indebted” she stated.

“I see my entity as my ‘babe’ because as the matter of fact, the name of my entity is a combination of my husband’s and mine” she said. JoDeCa is located oldest Congo Town, Tubman Boulevard.



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