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International Islamic Studies Programme


From the day that The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation was found, it aims to train
specialists that understand our deep-rooted heritage of civilization, worries
about the ummah worries and has high self-esteem.
Our Foundation manages projects and facilitates, education opportunities in
Turkey for students by providing scholarship to successful students, student
dormitories for higher education, student guest houses and has opened a college and a university. Our foundation forms a bridge between the hearts of
nations providing educations in Turkey to students from 111 countries such as
the International imam khatip high school, International divinity program and
the International guest student program.
With the opportunities provided by our Foundation, an important gap is closed.
This foundation continues to strive hard on the path of education by keeping
education as its priority.

The purpose of Turkiye Diyanet Foundation Scholarship Program
a) To contribute Islamic education of the Muslim communities.
b) To train qualified people in every aspect of Islam who will benefit their
communities with their knowledge and experiences.
c) To build cultural bridges between Turkey and related societies.
d) To share experience in the field of Islam and Islamic education.

Applicants for Turkiye Diyanet Foundation International Islamic Studies
Scholarship Program have to meet the following conditions.
1. Not to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
2. Those who are Turkish citizens or lost Turkish citizenship for any reason cannot apply to International Islamic Studies Scholarship Program.
3. To be born not earlier than 01.01.1998.
4. Not to have any mental or physical health problem and obstacle to
study in Turkey.
5. To graduate from a high school equivalent to grade 12 in Turkey with
at least a good degree (70%).
6. Not having repeated or suspended from the school more than two
years without a valid excuse after completing the high school.
7. Not to be penalized for any disciplinary action during his education in
his country.
8. Those who are previously Turkiye Diyanet Foundation’s student while
he/she studying at any educational level can apply if his/her scholarship has not ended by the Foundation.
9. Those who are currently studying in Turkey cannot apply to TDF’s Islamic Studies Scholarship Program.

Application Dates :01 FEBRUARY – 31 MARCH 2019
Evaluation of Applications :01 – 15 APRIL 2019
Interview Dates Announcement :15 APRIL – 01 MAY 2019
Sending Mail For Interview: 01 – 15 MAY 2019
Interview Dates :15 MAY – 15 JUNE 2019
Announcement of Result :15 JUNE – 15 JULY 2019
Visa Application Dates For Those Accepted :15 JULY – 15 AUGUST 2019
How to Apply: http://burs.tdv.org/


  1. Dear,
    My inquiry here is, is Diyanet now for application, both the high school and undergraduate program because i tried logging on their page to apply and they redirected me to burslari instead. it’s abit confusing because Diyanet and burslari are two different website and it
    wasn’t like that last year. Please clarify my dought.


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