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Liberians Warned Against Pitch Invasion


Monrovia – Jubilant and angry fans of football in Liberia have been strongly cautioned against pitch invasion on Sunday.

Already, Liberia is said to be facing a suspension by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) as any recurrence of the 2016 episode will see a possible ban on football activities in Liberia something the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister G. Andy Quawie does not want to be repeated.

According to the Deputy Minister, all necessary professional, technical and security measures are been worked out to ensure that only authorized personnel will be on the pitch.

“Even if you are a government official once you are not authorized to be on the playing pitch you will be removed,” he added.

He wants Liberians to emulate best international practices as far as football across the globe is a concern.

Deputy Minister Quamie said it is about time that Liberian fans change their attitude towards supporting their teams. He wonders while will people invade the pitch after the game when in fact they should be heading for the exit doors something that is normally seen around the world.

Though it will take some time for fans to be adjusted to a global standard, he noted that it is time to begin the process. He appealed to the media to lead the campaign by naming and shaming violators.

Andy was also quick to warn media practitioners and police officers, who are not permitted to be on the pitch, to stay off in the best interest of the country.

At the same time, Youth and Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson has called on Liberians to turn out on Sunday to support the nation’s pride and joy. Minister Wilson told Sports journalists that the senior national team is well on course and is in full gear for the battle at home.

“Red, White and Blue plus good cheering behavior is all we want to see on Sunday to give our boys the needed motivation to win in a grand style,” Minister Wilson added.


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