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LIPA Graduates 616 in Lifelong Training

LIPA Energetic and Industrious DG Prof. Yonly

The Liberian Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) on Tuesday graduated 616 Liberians from both the private and public sectors in several lifelong skill trainings aimed at improving the core competencies of the graduates in array of fields.

The graduates earned certificates and diplomas in public procurement, project planning and management, public finance management, monitoring and evaluation, public policy analysis, and banking and finance.

Delivering the main oration at the graduation program, guest Speaker D. WA HNE, JR quoted the famous evolutionist Charles Darwin – stating that “it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”.

He told the graduates that they have walked the road of preparation to be where they are and are now eligible to make the change in their communities, their institutions and the society. He said the society was now looking up to the graduates to deliver the change in their workplaces and communities.

Mr. HNE noted that the nation faces herculean challenges and great men and women are being sought to surmount those challenges. “For over a century and seven decades, we have wallowed in these challenges without collective commitment to overcome them” he said.

HNE urged the graduates to make a difference adding “you are the instrument of efficiency and productivity”.

Speaking at the Program, LIPA new energetic and industrious Director General, Prof. Alexander Yonly said the third graduation circle marks a significant milestone in the history of LIPA. He said the program was in fulfillment of LIPA statutory mandate to mobilize and increase the human capital needs of the country.

The core competency of Liberia has been the exportation of raw materials since the nation begins modernization seventy-five (75) years ago. Yonly who is a Certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), a United States based workforce development group, disclosed that LIPA is on an educational epiphany to adequately prepare the labor force in order to make them productive on the job.

“When we convene to certificate graduates from our training, we are mindful of the fact that the certificates we offer is a manifestation of the full picture of those who desire to contribute meaningfully in our society and beyond” he noted.

He said the government agenda for transformation is on course evidence of the multitude of stellar graduates who will now bring renewed vigor and new and novel ideas to their workplaces.  He said LIPA training aligns with 21st century need to build vibrant private and public sectors.

He declared LIPA will continued to strive for a better society by training the people in areas of national demand that are pivotal to the transformation of the country and attainment of the overall objective of the Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).

Prof. Yonly emphasized that it will take quality men and women imbue with nationalistic impulse with the combined sense of integrity to have a vibrant public administration system. He said under his aegis, LIPA will add other disciplines to it curricula and is planning to launch an online learning portal for both private and public employees.

“To make the public service attractive that will adequately serve our governing system, delivering quality service across the landscape of this country, we are enhancing our curriculums and adding new courses such as leadership and governance, financial management in the public sector, strategic management, and organizational development” he revealed.

He said this will infuse more structure of deliverable in LIPA training mandate.  He said learning is a circle that remains known as a life rounding circle.  He congratulated the graduates and urged them to serve well by implanting the new knowledge acquired.  Mr. Yonly has extended LIPA branches in Bong and Bassa and hoping to scale up in the years to come.

Cross section of LIPA Graduates





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