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Montserrado’s Senatorial Aspirant Mohammed Dukuly Pitches Brand


-Good Governance, Reconciliation, Transparency

By: Lester B. Cooper (+231777368741)

As the race to fill the vacant senatorial seat created by the death of Geraldine Doe Sheriff heats up, several candidates have joined the race to be the next senator of Liberia’s most populous county which is also the political and commercial seat of the country.

One of those candidates is the young and well-respected Mohammed Dukuly who resides in Brewerville City. Speaking to EmployLiberia in an exclusive interview, Mr. Dukuly made about the most striking comparison between himself and other candidates in the upcoming election, informing Liberians as senator, he will serve with maturity, humility, honesty, transparency whilst pushing for good governance in the country.

“We bring to the table the experience of untainted years of public service and tested leadership” he assured. The former Director of Large Tax Audit at the Ministry of Finance said in a country where public offices are means for quick wealth and most heads of charity organizations live luxury; he chooses to be a glaring opposite.

He said over the next few weeks as the campaign unfolds, the critical question that stares Montserradians in the face is ‘What kind of county and by extension country do we want for our people.’

“ I believe the Liberian people will choose a person who can better deliver a county that meets their aspirations and I am certain I will be worthy of such great confidence from my people” said Dukuly.

He said his quest to provide leadership is about the Liberian people. “My quest to be senator is about country not self. I am offering to be the servant of the Liberian people not their master” Dukuly barks

Dukuly opined that he is the right candidate to represent the people of Montserrado. He spoke of his stellar reputation as reconciler, a family man and consensus builder who put honesty, humility, empathy and transparency at the center of all his undertakings.

Mr. Dukuly who is the CEO and Founder of the Islamic Society of Liberia for the Advancement of Mankind (ISLAM) Inc. said through his life span he has been a humanitarian, an activist, scholar, unifier and motivational speaker who always works across aisle.

He said the time is now for a leader of astute leadership credentials to be elected in the senate to bridge the widening schism between and amongst Liberians. “There is a lot of polarization in the country and compounded by the breakdown in the rules of laws and astounding economic hardship which is fueling the tension in the country” he said.

When elected, Dukuly said – he will not only work to formulate better laws and policies, but will also push for genuine reconciliation in the country.

As the economic hardship exacerbate and an upcoming protest planned for June 7, 2019, there has been rife debates in the country between the Pro and Anti June 7 protest.

The soft talking and eloquent aspirant revealed that his intention is to serve the people of Montserrado County, and to erect checkpoints and correct some of the mistakes being made in the senate.

“As an individual, I have served humanity, from 1997 up to 1999, I voluntarily took the initiative to mentor 9th graders for their public examinations and upon my return from studies organized a medical mission that aid many Liberians at the Redemption hospital and distributed medical supplies and equipments to hospitals and clinics within Montserrado County, said the aspirant Dukuly.

That scheme, disclosed continues today with doctors from the United States through his instrumentality providing medical assistance to Liberia every year.

He further revealed that his quest for improvement of humanity has taken the center stage of his life. “Based on that, I was able to renovate homes for the needy, provided micro-finance for small businesses and organized feeding programs for the less-fortunates”.

Dukuly also played important role by assisting communities with food and medicine during the deadly Ebole epidemic which ravaged the country and killed scores of Liberia.

He further unveiled that reconciliation, affordable and quality education, and good governance are embedded within his agenda to transform Montserrado County.

He urges the citizens of Montserrado County to elect him into power so as to alter the County destiny for the better. Mr. Dukuly tops the West African Examination Council, finished in pole position in High School before going on to the acclaimed Morehouse University where he earns his Bachelor. He later earned his Master’s degree from prestigious Mary and William University.


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