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  MSRFDE Wants Empowerment for the Physically Challenged

Ms. Daisy

By: Arabieu Bah

The Mac Scott Ricks Foundation for Disables Empowerment (MSRFDE) which is headed by young and enterprising Liberians is calling on the central government and well-meaning Liberians to devote attention to the physically challenged in Liberia.

Head of MSRFDE, Daisy Ricks said physically challenged people in Liberia have been neglected for too long and there is need for a sustained and holistic program aimed at empowering physically challenged in the country.

Ms. Ricks who is studying Biology at the Mother Pattern College of Health Sciences revealed that she and colleagues from various universities have carved a scheme wherein they solicit funds from fellow compatriots for the upkeep of fifteen physically challenged people under their aegis and also donate part of the funds to the Antoinette Tubman Cheshire Home which is catering to a growing body of orphans.

“For so long in Liberia, people living with disabilities have been sidelined” she grumbled. Ms. Ricks revealed that physically challenged individuals need serious attention so they can feel a part of society.

“I was inspired by those physically challenged individuals who have the passion to learn so that they can be of help to themselves, and I believe that in so doing they can give to our economy and those innocent kids who are unfortunate to get an education but also want to learn and help their families. I believe that success is when you put smiles on the faces of others by the little you have but it is not wealth or family” said Ricks.

Since its establishment, MSRFD has been involved with giving charity -associating and giving to orphans and physically challenged ones.

MSRFDE is not-for-profit, a nongovernmental organization that hankers to transform the minds of persons who are living with disabilities who are desirous of a better future. It intends to make a sustainable impact as it relates to poverty alleviation, youth empower and opening the minds of Liberians to the current day realities, for it believes that open minds transform society.

MSRFDE Team members

She opined, that her foundation intends to develop research and development centers for persons living with disabilities, so they can be trained. “We want to provide transformational training for people with disabilities,” said Ricks.

She revealed that the training programs will include access to national and international conferences, computer literacy, panel discussion, and social development.

She expressed that seeking justice for the disables is one of their aims. “We want to make people living with disabilities in our society voices heard”.

“We want to alleviate liabilities from our society and make every disable person understands that s/he has a place in society. “We want to make orphans feel at ease and that they have families, and disable understand that they are capable of doing more and make the difference in society”, intoned Daisy.

She conveyed that her institution needs financial support to continue with its works and wants to partner with other institutions locally and internationally that are engaged with similar initiatives because she believes those living with disabilities can contribute to society as well.


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