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MSRFDE Donates to Children’s Future Program and Orphanage


The Mac Scott Ricks Foundation for Disables Empowerment (MSRFDE) on Tuesday puts smiles on the faces of children at the Children Future Program and Orphanage in Margibi County. MSRFDE donated assorted of rice, sanitary pad and rice to the Orphanage.

MSRFDE’s team was welcomed by kids at the Children’s Future Program and Orphanage (CFPO) with flooding smile. It was a joyful and colorful moment.

Speaking at the donation ceremony, the CEO of MSRFDE Daisy Ricks, encouraged the students to be people of integrity and have passion for what they wish to become in the future.  “Children, be persons of integrity, for the future is brighter”, she intoned.

Ms. Ricks was impressed with the orphanage tidiness of the orphanage and appreciated the caretakers for their hard work and commitment to serving humanity.  “Mothers, I am grateful to you for your hard work and commitment shown to these children”, she noted.

For his part, Timmie Davis, the Administrative Director of MSRFDE told the children that they are important in society. He further extends gratitude to the caretakers for their efforts in making the home a better place for the children.

Josiah Foley, who is the secretary-general of MSRFDE, treasured the mothers and cautioned the children to be respectful, patient and stay away from trouble.

Also elaborating, Arabieu Bah, who is a member of MSRFDE, motivated the students and encourage them to remain persistent in studying their lessons. Mr. Bah further intimated that he foresees great personalities amongst the children. “You are here today, nevertheless; you will not remain here forever. You will depart this place, enter university and become great leaders”, he opined.

While conversing with MSRFDE, Ma Betty Davis, who has been working at CFPO since 1992 noted that the orphanage home was founded by March 06, 1992 by the late Francis Blamo during the Liberia Civil War that took the lives of over 250,000 persons and displaced many.  She revealed to the team that she feels good serving the children because they are Liberians.

Intoning further, she disclosed to the team that the children are quick-witted, and they need adequate school materials. She told them that she looks forward to seeing the school reach 12th grade.

Ma Betty said that teachers’ salaries are not enough to sustain them and she is calling on the government to augment their salaries so as to increase the efficiency of the school.

Since its establishment, MSRFDE has been operating in Montserrado County, however; having in mind that Monrovia is not Liberia, it has decided to extend its charitable initiatives outside of Montserrado County.





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