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Every week, Employ Liberia will highlight and give visibility to ordinary people doing extraordinary legitimate, honest and credible undertaking which is contributing to the nation’s development. As the song goes in Liberian parlance: “We nah millionaire bor we can make it happen”.

These are pillars of society who go unnoticed, the unsung heroes and heroines contributions though enormous are never hardly appreciated.

This week we featureAnnie Woah, 37, mother of three. Annie sells cabbage in the Battlefield Market portion of  WaterSide. She said she buys cabbage bag for LD$7000 at the Red Light Market. Madam Woah told EmployLiberia that when she started selling cabbage 10 years ago, a bag of cabbage sold for LD$750, then. Annie says profit was manageable. Although the margin is reducing,  she still has to work with what she gets to do what she always did like pay her children’s tuitions, cloth them and feed them. She has spent ten years selling cabbage.

Madam Woah revealed that business in the market is not as usual. She said she used to get approximately LD$2500 from her morning sales and LD$4000 from afternoon sales, but that has drastically changed. People are not buying like before. She said things are not okay. She said to even get food for her children is not an easy task. She thinks a young person like her should not be selling cabbage in the market but enrolled in a vocational institution where she can be trained and become a better person. She conveyed that the current national government needs to help the young people of this country as they were with the ruling party in the struggle of bringing the pro-poor administration to power.

“President Weah really needs to help change things around because young people were with him during his quest for power and have a diehard hope in his pro-poor administration”.

She intoned that she was a student but she didn’t have anyone to help her with tuition. Because of that she was unable to further her education. “I dropped out of school because I never had anyone to help me with school fees”.

Annie is among thousands of young people with potential who are stuck at the base of the social pyramid owing to the lack of opportunities.


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