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The Deads Foot Brewervile City Wage Bill


By: Peter Kpaiyeli

Brewerville City Lord Mayor Bedell Fahn has made a startling revelation to Employ Liberia on how his 59 workers are paid. Fahn, huddled in his scorching office revealed that the city generates fund through the cemetery to pay its skeleton staff. He disclosed that money generated from the cemetery goes towards the salary payment of the 59 workers at city corporation.

Brewerville, on the eastern flank of Monrovia, is situated on the St. Paul River and like many other areas out of the glare of Monrovia endures neglect year-to-year in budgetary allocation. The city is the third popular district in Montserrado with over 100,000 residents. Subsistence farming and fishing are the main economic activities along with small scale trading.

Mayor Fahn said the Brewerville City Corporation (BCC) has found it difficult in accomplishing its goals. The entity which is out of the country’s budget has been financed by the residents in the city.

Mr. Fahn opined that Brewerville as a growing urban city can no longer cope with the exclusion from the national budget as it is becoming difficult for the city to  accomplish majority of it tasks.

“The residents of city are contributing towards our works we have accomplished and trying to accomplish. Most of our works were accomplished through the kind gesture of those that reside in the city. The basketball gymnasium project that is presently ongoing in the city is a charitable contribution from the Ananabah Family, who own the Omega Cares Company.”

Fahn said a memorandum for the construction of the basketball gymnasium at the cost of US$150,000, was agreed with the Ananabah to help the youth in the city. “We are of the conviction that the Brewerville City Corporation will be included in the next national budget”, said Mr. Fahn. My team and I are advocating for our entity to be part of the country’s budget.

He intoned that in order for Brewerville to be on par with its counterparts, it was encouraging citizens who have land that are situated at the front of the city to lease these land to investors. “When more investors are investing in the city, developments spread rapidly and employment comes about. As part of my work, I have requested for light poles from the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to help beautify our city,” said Mr. Fahn.

He lauded efforts by the lawmaker from the district who is one of the brains behind the electrification of Brewerville. Through that collaboration of the City Corporation and the legislator, an LEC sub-station has started working in the city, he stated.

Mr Fahn divulged that the Weah led government will succeed, and Brewerville city will be part of the success story. In his concluding statement, he disclosed plans he has for the Brewerville city. He said, one of those plans is to see Brewerville as a city that can be equaled to or even do more than its counterparts; Monrovia and Paynesville.

Due to some of our activities and communications, we have been receiving some materials. We got some of the materials from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and they made a promise to do more. And also the government through their supporting arm the GSA gave the corporation some supplies. I am at the verge of signing a memorandum of understanding with the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) which entails  that whatever happens in Monrovia should happen in Brewerville.”


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