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The Inspiring Story of a Mother and Daughter Hair Journey Morphing into Business


Dempster N. Harris and Hawa P. Dorley

With the tidal wave of bleaching and copying of beauty standard set in the West by black Africans, a young Liberian lady Hannah Daye opted to teach her young daughter to appreciate her own beauty including her natural hair. That single decision has led to Hannah starting her own business venture called Res Organic; a natural beauty products line.

Hear Ms. Daye, “My entity started as a mother and daughter hair journey. I wanted to teach my daughter to increase her natural hair and get her to love her beautiful skin tone. Because we know how the media can be harsh when it comes to portraying the type of hair we have and also our skin. So I did not want the media giving my daughter the entire wrong message. I wanted to let her see so we went on journey where I decided to cut my hair and we started with hair butter. The two main ingredients actually are shear butter which is called “donut grease” in Liberia. I blended shear butter with coconut oil and other great oils that are good for hair growth and the results were so amazing and I give out free sample and people tried it, they felt in love with it and we saw there was a market for it”.

She said the feedbacks from those she doled out the free products were great.  Based on these positive feedbacks, she said she decided to turn her innovation into a social business venture.  “We are actually solving problem we saw; a need for hair care but quality and affordable.  The demand is higher because you know when it comes to the beauty industry, nobody can never stop looking good, so it is a very huge industry to tap into and as a small business we are competing with imported product”, She grumbled.

Ms. Daye said prior to the recent grant received from Mercycorps, she has been producing manually- which is laborious and cannot meet up with her client demands.  She said Res Organic overarching goal is to create quality and affordable care products that can appeal to every spectrum of the Liberian populace.

The business started in 2017 but officially registered in January 2018. She said the grant from Mercycorps has helped her to scale up her production by procuring some modern equipment that make the work easier and yield plentiful.

“Mercycorps actually brought my idea to life and has helped in our production. We can now produce over 300 products a day. Before we were doing it manually where I started with weaving the wood stick together and require consistency. Now with the help of the Mercycorps grant, we have gotten some proper machines that we can use to produce our oil and also to help us blend our butter together with the right consistency” she disclosed.

She said her business has hired two staffs who help in the line of production, marketing and sales courtesy of the grant.

We have to do lot of publicity to sell our brands to the larger populace.

She lavished praise on Mercycorps. “I am grateful to Mercycorps and wish to call on other NGOs and government to invest in small businesses as they are the lifeblood of the economy” she said.

We are optimistic that we will build a brand that can compete with other brands out there and also provide employment opportunities for many Liberians.

Res-Organic is located in Parker Corner, Brewerville and can be contacted via email: resorganics@gmail.com  / Cell # +231776834189 / 0881239229


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