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Vandeputte Safety Experts to invest in Liberia


Global brand Vandeputte Safety Experts has expressed interest in investing in Liberia transportation sector. In an effort to curtail the alarming injuries and casualties emanating from Motor Bike and tricycle which are one of the main modes of transportation in the country, the company is wishing to have a foothold in safety gears industry.

The Belgium based Company Vandeputte Safety Experts has expressed interest to invest in Liberia to protect young people many of whom are bike riders from dying on a daily basis. Statistics have shown that the high rate of deaths and injuries from motorbikes and tricycles is due to the lack safety gears by both passengers and drivers.  

Vandeputte Safety Expert is an expert in personal protective equipment and PPE solutions which reduce the risk of injuries and deaths from accidents. The Company recently dispatched its representative to Liberia to explore the opportunity to invest in the country particularly in safety gears or personal protective equipment. Mr. Fredrick Ewunken said Vandeputte Safety Experts is not intending to come to Liberia just to make business but to also safe lives.

“This company is solely engaged in protecting those in the work environment in spite of the work you do, be it electricians, flight pilots, construction workers, or bikers, we can provide any level of protection that you need” he added.

Speaking to reporters when he visited the Liberian Motorcycle and Tricycle Association of Liberia to present sample of the company’s safety vest, Ewunken said his company intends to invest in the area of safety, providing PPEs to Bike Riders including those in the Military and police. “Our company agenda is to protect over a million people before 2020. Mr. Ewunken who expressed frustration over the number of deaths due to bike accidents. He said it is important to ensure the safety of young people who are striving to make ends meet through legitimate undertaking such as motorcycle and tricycle.

He enumerated that his company has a good track record. “We have a good record have supplied the Belgium army with safety products” he said.

Ewunken said his company intends to do same in Liberia as soon it is given the green light to begin its operation in the country. He said their initial goal is to partner with the leadership of the Motorcycle and Tricycle union of Liberia. According to him, the company’s safety gears are durable and can be used during any seasons. He noted further that the company products have comparative advantage over other in the market. “We have a cool vest that make your body temperature 20 degree Celsius even when it is 40 degree Celsius” revealed Ewunken.

He said the company will also provide a ventilated helmet to protect the head of all cyclists. Deals for the supply of these protective equipment and safety vests for motorcyclists will be consummated following discussion with hierarchy of the motorcyclists union of Liberia.

Cyclists have greeted the company with joy and happiness. Mr. Paul Romeo David, CEO of Zenith Car Rentals is impressed that a company is contemplating coming to Liberia to invest in safety wears. Mr. David who accompanied the Vandeputte Safety Experts Representative to the offices of the Liberian Motorcycle and Tricycle Association said such investment will save the lives of many motorcyclists.

Mr. David also stressed the need for more training and awareness for cyclists on personal protection. Receiving a sample of the Safety Vest from the Vandeputte Safety Experts Representative, the president of the Liberian Motorcycle and Tricycle Association of Liberia John Moses said he was happy that a company was willing to partner with them to ensure safety for its members.

“We have been discussing the issue of safety for our members and fortunately for us this group has come to form a partnership something we think is welcoming.” Hear David “we observed that most of the accidents cases in the country involved our members because majority of them are not protected”.


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