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Women Empowerment Leads to Economic Growth

Ms. Mansaray

-LIMPAC Deputy Director

By: Arabieu Bah

The Deputy Executive Director of the Liberia Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Ma-Bintu Mansaray, in an interview with EmployLiberia has noted that women empowerment leads to economic growth.  She said women are agents of change, and that once a woman is empowered, her level of self-confidence enhances, which drives her to greatness.

Ms. Mansaray revealed that countries which provide equal right and empowerment opportunities for women mainly in education, there are high possibilities that those nations benefit in terms of gaining a sustained socioeconomic development and security than nations that reject this idea.

She noted that women’s contributions can be a backhaul to huge national progress when there is stability in gender mainstreaming, which is geared at promoting gender equity and women’s economic empowerment but requires constant and critical planning and monitoring.

Equitable treatment of women has come full cycle with the advent of the feminism and Me -Too movements pushing hard for gender parity and equity. In parochial and patriarchal society like Liberia, women still bear the brunt of societal dogmas; denied of education and in many instances raised kids while the men, though home, are absence in the lives of the children.

She decried the scant researchers or technology innovators in Liberia, let alone talk about women in these fields. “Many of our educated females are in liberal arts colleges and miniature portion of them are in technical fields. Bulks of our educated women are seen in areas like accounting, management, sociology, nursing and other art courses. While only few are seen in undertaking or challenging themselves in those technical fields”, Mabintu intoned.

However, it was not lost on the young researcher – Liberia’s tremendous improvement in the promotion of women decision making in the last decade compared to previous decades. “In 2003, women in decision making were 7.8% as compared to male. This process saw a massive trajectory in 2006 at 12.5% and later plummeted by 11% in 2012. It has recently increased to 12.3% in 2017” she informed.

She said, for Liberia to achieve its poverty reduction and the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), the government needs to invest in women and girls by giving them the required opportunities to education, participation in management and decision making process at every fabric of our society.  “Government should continue to invest in human capacity especially women and girls which tend to strengthen the labor force and reduce poverty. It is essential too that the Government continues its road, infrastructure and agriculture investment as these are very essential for any country that is ready for sustainable development” she said.

Ms. Mansaray is urging her government to integrate the Non Market Work into national policies.


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