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Young Environmental Leaders (YEL) Undertakes Cleaning Exercise


The Young Environmental Leaders (YEL) last week undertook a self – sponsored environmental cleaning exercise; disposing wastes, especially plastic materials in Barnesville and Stephen Tolbert Estates.

YEL Executive Director Asatu Dukuly said the exercise was geared towards cleaning the two populated communities which had mountain load of plastic waste and also to highlight and draw public awareness to the environmental hazard created by waste littered on the streets.

Urban areas in Liberia are littered with huge pile of waste, causing the already outdated drainages and passage ways to clock which leads to raw sewage inundating streets and  posing health threat to society especially children, elder and disabled.

Ms. Dukuly said she set up YEL to help raise awareness on environmental issues. Climate change, she said has been recognized as one of the defining threats to the world and that everyone needs to get involved in mitigating the impact. She said Liberia has a very low capacity to absorb climate threat and the one feasible way to curb environmental disaster was for everyone to adopt an environmental friendly behavior. “This is not a Government thing, it is about all of us” she noted.

Also speaking at the program was the brilliant YEL Public Relations Officer Mohammed Jabateh who enumerated that YEL  is a youth based institution which focuses on climate change and how young people and communities can contribute in finding solutions to its many problems.

Jabateh said that the objectives of YEL is to build capacities of volunteers through training so as to target climate related disasters. YEL intends to carry out awareness and campaigns to educate people about climate change and encourage community members to help make their environment clean and safe. The group says it will also work to discourage actions that make communities vulnerable to the impact of climate change.

Making reference to Kigali, Rwanda, which is now the poster child of clean city on the continent, Jabateh  said it is not only the efforts of the government that creates a clean and healthy nation but the involvement of the inhabitants, mainly youth.

He disclosed that  YEL has carried out four major cleaning up campaigns in different communities such as Chicken soup factory, Barnesville Estate, Stephen Tolbert Estate and behind the PHP community. Jabateh is a urging young people and communities to take responsibilities of their surroundings and Join YEL fight environmental hazards. As he put it “a healthy environment builds a healthy nation”.




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