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Young Liberian Diplomat Pens Acclaimed Book


By: Lester B. Cooper (+231777368741)

One of Liberia’s emerging diplomats Mr. John S.M. Yormie has penned what is being described in many quarters of the Liberian society as a top-notch piece of literary work chronicling Liberia towering contribution to International diplomacy.

Mr. Yormie book styled “Liberia in the Colorful World of Diplomacy” is getting rave reviews from scholars and other Liberians interested in knowing the heroic struggles and contributions the tiny West African nation made and continued to make towards international diplomacy.

In an exclusive interview with Employ Liberia, Yormie explained that the book is intended to fill the void in Liberia literary sector and to inspire young Liberia to capture the events of their time so that future generations can be abreast of the country and people’s inputs to the world.

Mr. Yormie who is the Coordinator and officer-in-Charge of the Gabriel L. Dennis Foreign Service Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that his book explains the true nature of Liberia when it comes to diplomacy.

He intoned that his self-motivations to write his book “Liberia in the Colorful World of Diplomacy” came from his innate sense of transforming the society, filling up gaps, and inspiring the population around him. He also got his inspiration from other great diplomats and educators within Liberia.

Liberia as a country has performed excellently when it comes to diplomacy. The country has contributed immensely to the establishment of many transnational organizations, but yet still many Liberians are not aware of such landmark feat.

In that light, said Yormie, I thought it wise to compile a literature that will explain in depth the contributive role of Liberia and Liberians and their achievements in diplomacy so as to broaden the knowledge of my fellow compatriots.

In furtherance, he conveyed that the book is an achievement for this generation. He explained that Liberians need to know about their country’s history most especially in the international setting or diplomacy.

Mr. Yormie asserted that the aim and objective of this book is to invoke the dying legacy of our country, to make us feel like we are capable enough to acknowledge some of the things we have done, and to inspire our generation.

Mr. Yormie divulges that he and his team of researchers are currently aiding the kids in remote areas in order to make them marketable for the society. He opined that helping the kids in the hinterland is one of the major things he wants to achieve.

In his concluding statement, Mr. Yormie recommended that Liberians need to write their own history in order for people to know about what they have done in the past. He encourages the youthful population to get involved into writing for the betterment of our country.

He disclosed that he is currently working on his next book “Diplomacy and Negotiation-Features of Liberia”.

Yormie’s colleague F. Momolu Dorley who works also at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Desk Officer in the European Affairs Bureau, heaped praises on the work and said it is a scintillating piece of literature that provides many hidden niceties of Liberia glorious feat in diplomacy.

He asserted that Liberia does not get the acknowledgement for its awesome role in the world. “For example, not many young people are aware that Liberia suffered material and human casualties when Germany bombed Liberia”. Many Liberians even in the older generation believe the myth that Adolf Hitler had his bigger thumb on the Liberia while scouring the map”. Such assertion is ingrained the minds of many Liberians and need to be erased” barked Dorley.

Dorley said he was flabbergasted while attending a youth conference to celebrate the Organization of African Unity now African Union in Braga, Portugal – to notice how scant Liberia’s contributions to the body are mentioned. “Many Africans out of ignorance and the failure of Liberians to scribble down their immense contributions to the AU couple with the civil war has led to the anachronistic perception that Liberia did not want a United Africa” he grumbled.

However, Dorley intoned that what Kwame Nkrumah and other heavily socialist leaning leaders wanted for Africa was implausible and could never materialize. He said the AU today is exactly what Liberia craved and got. “They should cut us some slacks” recommended Dorley with a smile.


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